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Do you remember the last time you went a few days without the Internet? If you were on a camping trip, it might not seem like a big deal. However, if you were sitting at home with an unresponsive phone, that non-existent connection might have been a little more frustrating. If you are like most people, the Internet acts as a lifeline to the rest of the world, helping you to complete online banking, communicate with friends, or even to watch television. I hate Internet outages with a passion, which is why my blog is devoted to helping you diagnose Internet issues early.

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Four Things To Look For With VPN Services

Not every VPN service is equal -- here are some top things to look for if you are trying to find a good security service for web activities.


Some VPNs are competitively market priced, and some are not. Take a look at a few different competitors to understand the going market rate for these services where you live. Look at the "value for cost" or what the service provider gives you for your money. For example, a remote desktopping service with VPN is different than just a VPN security connection. Understanding the package that you get will help you make price comparisons more easily.


You want to make sure that the provider knows what's happening with your data, and whether it might be sold to third parties or not. Like other kinds of Web services, security is paramount in VPN. Ask about how these services are set up, to have more of a firm grasp of what's happening when you surf the web under the aegis of a VPN service.

Look for Sneaky Contract Details

You also need to read the fine print of a VPN service. For instance, some of these companies have been known to sell the bandwidth of their customers on the side, meaning that while you are getting anonymity on the web, someone else is piggybacking on your channel. This can land you in hot water with your Internet service provider depending on what that other person is doing online. Make sure that these kinds of illicit uses of someone's Internet identity are not compromising your use of a VPN service.

Understand the Service Provisions

A lot of people get VPN service in order to hide geolocational data or access content across international lines. A lot of the household services that sell streaming video content seem to have arbitrary lockdowns on where people can access data from. That's a big driver of the VPN industry. But if you want this type of service, you want to make sure that you will be able to access the streaming media services that you wanted in the first place. Otherwise, the VPNs not worth the trouble.

Distinguish Between Personal and Business VPN Offerings

As mentioned, a lot of personal VPN service is for the purposes of getting access to data or shielding personal Internet use. Business surfaces are different. These VPNs will have to comply with industry standards like HIPAA or other security standards set for different kinds of businesses in something like the finance industry.

Think about all of these things when you're looking to get the best VPN services.