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Do you remember the last time you went a few days without the Internet? If you were on a camping trip, it might not seem like a big deal. However, if you were sitting at home with an unresponsive phone, that non-existent connection might have been a little more frustrating. If you are like most people, the Internet acts as a lifeline to the rest of the world, helping you to complete online banking, communicate with friends, or even to watch television. I hate Internet outages with a passion, which is why my blog is devoted to helping you diagnose Internet issues early.

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Do You Use A Colocation Service? Use A Remote Hand Service To Go Hands Free

A colocation is a data center that your business can rent space from to house your servers, along with other computer hardware. The building your equipment is in is kept cool, and offers you bandwidth, along with physical security. Many colocation services also offer the option of remote hands service.  Below is some information about this, as well as the many benefits it can offer you.

Remote Hand Service

A remote hands service allows you to perform tasks with your server without having to go to the location. All you have to do is call your colocation provider and ask them to do this task for you. For example, if you are having server problems, the colocation provider will drive down to the space and repair the server for you.

Here are some things they might do for you:

  • Check and investigate any alarms that may go off: Alarms often go off if there are problems with a server, such as it is overheating or a drive is failing.
  • Replace faulty equipment peripherals, such as memory, hard drive, power supplies, network cards.
  • Reboot or reset equipment at your request so you can provide maintenance.
  • Investigate network issues when you notify them of this fact. 
  • Connect a monitor and other peripherals.
  • Secure cable connections.

These are just some of the things a remote hands service can offer you.


Choosing to use a remote hands service offers your company many benefits, two of which are listed below:

Uptime and Reliability

If the network for your business goes down, then business likely stops, as this is something you rely on each day. If you have a remote hand service, you will not have to worry about this problem. This will ensure you stay up and running 24/7 in most cases, as most colocation companies work around the clock.

Data and Security Protection

Hackers try to steal information from servers all the time, and your data is always at risk. Colocation facilities are very strict in how to secure network equipment so a hacker would not be able to force their way in and receive unauthorized access. They do this by using a strong firewall, spyware applications, and virus software. A remote hands service will ensure these applications are always updated and scans performed on a regular basis.

Talk with your colocation service about this option, and they can go over the many other features and benefits they can provide for your company. Contact a business, such as Cologix, for more information.