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Do you remember the last time you went a few days without the Internet? If you were on a camping trip, it might not seem like a big deal. However, if you were sitting at home with an unresponsive phone, that non-existent connection might have been a little more frustrating. If you are like most people, the Internet acts as a lifeline to the rest of the world, helping you to complete online banking, communicate with friends, or even to watch television. I hate Internet outages with a passion, which is why my blog is devoted to helping you diagnose Internet issues early.

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A Few Reasons To Use Satellite Internet For Streaming

Trying to decide what type of internet service provider to use in your home can have you researching everything available in your area. This can cause some confusion unless you are very technologically savvy. Of course, there are some areas where you do not have many choices, but regardless of where you live there are some good reasons to use satellite internet for streaming. Here are just a few of them:

Available Everywhere

Satellites transmit their signals from high up in the sky. They can reach high into the mountains, down into valleys, and tall trees and buildings do not get in the way; in fact, you can even have a dish mounted on your boat. There are very few places on earth where you cannot receive a satellite signal.

Little Physical Damage

A high wind, heavy rain or snow, or an ice storm can damage the cables and lines used for many internet service providers. If the cable is buried, you could accidentally cut it while digging or damage it by driving over it. When the cable is on a pole, a vehicle could crash into it, breaking the cable and interrupting your access. Any time there are wires or cables connecting your house to the service provider there is a chance for damage that may take days or even weeks to find.


Satellite internet provides a very consistent, fast speed. It is good for any type of internet use and is capable of giving you a steady stream when you are watching television or videos or listening to music. When you have a cable-type internet, even though it can provide speeds just as fast as a satellite, the speed is not always consistent. If you live far from the provider, the speeds will often dip and spike; this can cause any television or movies you are watching to stop and wait for the stream to catch back up. Sometimes this can be every couple of seconds, making it difficult to watch your show.

Contact a local satellite internet service provider and ask about their rates and services. You may be surprised to find out that you can get rid of your television cable bills and just use a streaming device hooked up to your satellite modem instead. While you will still pay for the internet service, it will not be as much as paying for internet and television.